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There are so many Moms in our lives.  The Moms that raised us, the Moms we admire,  the new Mom of one, the Mom of a dozen, the Mom that can always find room for one more child at the table and all those women that just feel like our second Moms. 


This Mother's Day consider the gift of donating to Aid to Women in the name of a special Mom you would like to recognize.  It could be in memory of a great Mom, in honour of a fantastic Mom and of course your own Mom.  Don't forget your own Mom!


Every donation you make in the name of a Mom, will also help support our Aid to Women Moms.  Its a gift that will keep on giving!


Simply fill out this donation form and select a beautiful Happy Mother's Day e-card to send to the Mom of your choosing! Celebrate a special Mom this Mother's Day through an Aid to Women donation. It will send love, helps save lives and support a Mom.  Possibly the best gift ever!  Don't delay. Do it today! 

Click on the link below!

Mother and Daughter
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