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At 7 weeks old, a preborn baby is the size of a coffee bean? Welcome to the partnership between Aid to Women and 4Coff Roasting Company, where every sip of  premium coffee carries a purpose.

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Coffee with Purpose

Indulge in the rich flavors of our Aid to Women branded coffee, crafted with care by 4Coff Roasting Company, a proud Canadian Roasting Company. What sets our coffee apart is not just its exceptional taste, but the impact it makes. With every bag purchased, you're contributing 100% of the proceeds to Aid to Women, empowering our mission to support expectant mothers and their precious babies.

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Ordering is

The ATW premium coffee is $25 a bag and 100% of proceeds go to supporting the women we serve. Simply complete the form, and choose your preferred payment method: e-transfer or cash on pickup. And here's a little something extra for larger orders - any purchase of 10 coffee bags or more qualifies for free delivery, making it even more convenient to enjoy our premium coffee while supporting a worthy cause.

Once we receive your order request, we will reply by email or contact you by phone within 24 hours with instructions on how to pickup your coffee purchase.

Imagine the difference each bag makes in the lives of those in need. From the moment you click 'purchase', you're not just buying coffee; you're investing in hope, support, and the future of countless mothers and babies.

Remember...Every purchase supports a life.

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Method of Payment

Thanks for your order! We will contact you in 24 hours to processs your order.

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